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No Trump Trick / NTT (NT with Running Suit)

NTT hands is a combination of a solid 1-suiter in one hand (e.g: dummy hand) and additional stopper on the other hand. The idea is to have a running suit that product many tricks.

Unlike the balance hands (where both hands are balanced), the NTT hands requires less HCP to reach game or slam. For example, to get all 13 tricks an NTT hand can have as low as 27HCP (total): one hand with AKQJTxxx (8-carder 1-suiter, 10 HCP), 3 Aces (12 HCP) and a King-Queen in one suit (5HCP).

NTT Guideline

So in this case, number of tricks is more important than High Card Point(HCP):
  • Use 1 trick = 3 HCP
  • Estimate partner's trick based on the opening's HCP
  • Add that estimate with the number of trick in your hands.
  • If the total tricks can make up a slam, ask the keycard/control
  • If the control is a void or singleton, set the final contract as a suit contract in the long solid suit. Not an NT contract.


Your partner open 1NT with 15-17 HCP. And your hand has 7 cards of solid suit say a Diamond: AKQJTxx.
This means:
  • Partner has approximately 5 tricks
  • You have 7 tricks. Hence, the total is 12 tricks (give or take)
  • Then ask if partner has the rest of the Aces. (Usually 1NT-4=Gerber Ace Asking)
  • There is no need to inform partner (and opponent) about your holding by doing other bid such as transfer or Stayman
  • Bid 6NT or 6 despite only have 10 HCP once controls are confirmed

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