Consolidating logic, intelligence and odds...

Greetings from Ganesha Bridge!

We are not just a Bridge club. We are a movement, we are a lifestyle. And Bridge is not just a card game. Bridge simulates real life. Every task or project or matter in your life, imagine to think them as a Bridge Hand.

Sometimes it has more points, sometimes has less. Sometimes it is exciting, sometimes it is just flat boring 4333. But nevertheless, you have to make use of that assets as efficient as possible. Risk and reward considered. Could be it for an offence or a defence, sometimes it requires finesse to win, but some other days you just have to claim the result. Then you could get a good result or a bad result. And you cannot achieve anything in life just by yourself, you need work together with other.

Finally, such as life, no matter how difficult or easy they are, it will pass and we got the next hand. Life moves on

So, if you don't know how to play Bridge as yet, maybe it is a time!

Ganesha Bridge

Who are we?

You have guess it! We are hardcore Bridge aficionados from all over the place on earth. But we were all start from the beautiful-leafy-city, The Paris Van Java, Bandung, Indonesia. And to be more precise, from that locations that always buzing with energy of excellence, Institut Teknologi Bandung

While people learn to play Bridge to have some leisure or hobby, we hardly did that. Since day one we learn to play competitive Bridge. We fight for every trick. Hence, it is not surprising that among us are the junior champion, the regional champion, the national team member, the international player or the champion of the world.


Unfortunately, we do not open membership for public. Membership is by invitation only and subject of good standing.

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